What’s this going to cost?

Most people embark on large remodeling projects once or twice in their life. The cost of construction is always changing and homes in Philadelphia often require significant amounts of work to update old systems due to deferred maintenance and to adapt the construction methods of the past. For this reason it is uncommon for anyone embarking on a remodeling project to know how much it will cost. While for a job like a roof replacement, an easy way to find out the cost is to get three quotes, a project like a bathroom or whole house remodel is harder to budget for using this method. First, the product and process varies significantly from one remodeler to the next. Second, to properly estimate the cost of the project, 40 man-hours or more go into the process and a design is required. If you have a design, it is a lot to ask to have three reputable firms put this time in to provide you with a bid. Not only is there a good chance two of the three won’t get the job, often none of the bidders do, since the design was not aligned with budget input from a contractor up front. We created this page as a first step in the process of determining a realistic budget for your remodel if you think you might want to work with Buckminster Green. These costs are approximate, and should be used only for budgeting. There are many factors that affect the price of a project. Every project is unique.

Below are descriptions of typical projects we undertake, and a sense of where the total cost for these projects generally falls. A project with a high level of complexity like a bathroom generally requires a minimum investment of 60k. We do consider less complex projects with a lower minimum investment.

Bathroom Remodel

Bathroom Remodel

Master Bath - $60K-$90K

A common master bath for us will have a tiled shower with custom frameless glass, a separate tub, tiled floors and half walls, and a double vanity. Layout may be changed, including door locations and absorbing adjacent spaces. Details may include recessed lighting paired with wall sconces, medicine cabinets, shower niches, radiant heated floors. Plumbing and electric will be updated. The framing will be sistered and furred. The room will be insulated and air sealed.

Guest Bath - $35K-$50K

A guest bath falls below our minimum budget for a project of this complexity. Often, clients have us complete two bathroom renovations at the same time, or to remodel a whole floor of the home to get the project to where it is a good fit for our firm. This bathroom differs from a master bath in that it is smaller, has a single single vanity, and is missing some of the details present in the master bath.



Major Kitchen Remodel $100K-$160K

An example of a major kitchen remodel would be one where the existing space is gutted and all finishes are replaced, generally with a change in layout. Electrical and plumbing will be completely redone. We often install beams in load bearing walls to open up the kitchen to adjacent spaces or to enlarge it. Cabinets could be semi-custom or custom, counters are usually quartz or stone. There will be a tiled backsplash, exterior windows and doors may get replaced and/or moved. The cost of appliances is not included.

Minor Kitchen Remodel $70K-$85K

A minor kitchen remodel could be one where the kitchen is not too dated, but needs some minor changes to layout and new finishes within the existing space. Cabinets will be semi-custom. Electrical and plumbing can be partially reused. Counters are usually quartz or stone. There will be a tiled backsplash. The cost of appliances is not included.

Whole House Remodel

Whole House Remodel

Major Whole House Renovation $250/sf and up

A major whole house renovation will include all new systems, electrical, plumbing, HVAC. While we always work to save and restore as much of the existing character as possible, room layout will change in places, windows and some doors will be replaced or restored. Stair layout may change. There will be exterior work like re-pointing brick and re-roofing. The work may include an addition. Bathrooms and kitchen will be remodeled and the entire interior gets painted.

Minor Whole House Renovation $100/sf and up

A minor whole house renovation would be called for when a house has been generally well cared for, but the finishes are dated and the owner wants to make some changes to layout. Kitchen and bathrooms will be remodeled, systems will be updated in places, floors will be replaced or refinished, and the whole house will be painted.


Other Projects:

Basements: 60k and up

Single floor (ex. Kitchen, powder room, floors, lighting, etc or two bathrooms, bedroom built-ins, floors, lighting, etc): $150k and up

Commercial projects: 75k and up.