Mount Airy Sunroom

Sun Room

Sun Room

On this tree lined quiet block in Mt Airy, we took what had been a covered porch with stone arches, and converted it to a sunroom for a growing family. Architect Jeffery Hayes designed the project, resolving what had been an awkward entrance to the home and creating a spot by the new front door location for coats, shoes and baseball gloves. Built-in window seats, fabricated and installed by our team, feature drawers for storing more stuff and a nice view of the front yard.

The stained concrete floor is heated by hydronic radiant heat. The walls are insulated with spray foam. The windows and doors are by Marvin. The sconces are by Rejuvenation. We made the barn door, which allows some separation between kid and adult activities, while still letting light through from the sunroom.

“I can't say enough about the amazing job we received from Buckminster Green. If you are looking for a team that can deliver well crafted project within or in addition to your home, they are a great place to go. Kenny is well aware of sustainability issues, and can help you weigh options with that in mind. I did not realize when we hired them that they bring a strong ability to support the design / style decisions that continue to appear through a typical project. A true professional who can help keep you sane through what is usually a trying process!”

- Jon Jensen



Kenny Grono